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When should I think about replacing my vehicle glass?

Your car glass is broken.

You notice a chip or a crack in your automobile glass.

You notice distorted waves on your windscreen glass while driving.

Your have frequent head-aches while driving.

Your automobile glass has several scratches.

The light beam of the on-coming vehicle, flashes on your windshield so you are unable to see the road.

Are you looking for an auto glass replacement?

Car glass repair is a myth. You may have heard rumours from people about possibility of automobile glass repair. It is a misconception that car glass repair is possible. The cold truth – If it were possible, why would anyone buy a new glass for their automobile at all? Everyone would simply repair their damaged car glass.

Beware! Other automobile glass vendors may make tall claims stating that come to our glass shop and we can repair your vehicle’s damaged glass. The catch - Once you get there, the sales representative informs you that your car glass is beyond repair and will need to be replaced. Call us old school but we at City Glass Centre value and respect our customers to not cheat them.

Repair vs Replacement

Can I get my car glass repaired instead of having to buy a new automobile glass?

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How much does car glass
replacement actually cost?

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When your car glass breaks the first thought that comes to a person’s mind is – I am in for a heavy unnecessary expense. The next thing that will come to mind is how much money will it take to replace my car’s broken glass?

Truth be told – the actual cost of replacing your vehicle glass depends on the following factors:

Whether it is a:

  • Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)
  • Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV)
  • Any Other

Different car models have different glass specifications and variation in sizes.

  • Car Front Glass | Windshield Glass | Windscreen Glass
  • Rear Car Glass | Backscreen Glass | Backlight Glass
  • Car Front Door Glass | Front Window Glass
  • Vehicle Rear Door Glass | Rear Window Glass
  • Car Front Quarter Glass | Front Vent Glass
  • Vehicle Rear Quarter Glass | Rear Vent Glass
  • Original (OEM) Car Glass
  • Toughened (Tempered) Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Custom Made To Order Vehicle Glass
  • Day Driving
  • Night Driving
  • Frequent Travel But Within City Only
  • Frequent Travel To Various Cities


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I came to City Glass Centre to fix my Logan front car glass. I found their pricing reasonable and service was at par.

Kiran Nair


I came to City Glass Centre to fix my esteem car glass. They did my job in 15 minutes. I would give their work 5 stars.



I got my Tavera glass fitted at City Glass Centre. They did my job within 15 minutes. Their workers are also very good.

Sachin Valmiki

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Our car glass shop is located in the heart of Pune. When you need vehicle glass replacement near you, City Glass Centre is the place to be.

City Glass Centre is the pioneer automobile glass shop in Pune. When automotive glass is not available anywhere in the market other vendors often say Go to City Glass Centre in Nana Peth Pune, there you will definitely get your car glass.

In case of leakage or vision related problems, after your vehicle glass replacement, get a new glass fixed absolutely FREE of cost without any questions asked or additional hidden charges.

Our experts will assist you to choose an ideal glass as per your needs. We will understand your driving routine, vehicle usage etc. and suggest an auto glass replacement tailored to your requirements. However, ultimately you are free to pick a suitable glass replacement for your automobile.

Select your prefect glass which not only matches your needs but fits in your budget as well. We have customized glass solutions for every pocket, so price is never a constraint.

We stock a wide range of glasses for each vehicle. Get all options in glasses from Asahi India (AIS), Sekurit Saint Gobain, Atul Tuff, Pilkingtion, Safex glass and more.

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